Health Resolutions For Your Golden Years

We may be on the right side of your 40s, but we still have every reason to take care of ourselves and keep our bodies in the best condition possible. We all have a couple of problems here and there, but if it’s not terminal, it’s manageable.

Chronic conditions like diabetes, pain, and anemia can be controlled, rather than letting them control your golden years. Even if you have already made your New Year’s resolution, keep these tips in mind to help your body stay as youthful as your mind.

Manage pain with posture

Even something as minor as sitting and standing up straight and sharing your weight equally on both sides of your body really helps to minimize pain. If you have trouble sitting or standing up for long periods of time, ask your doctor about a back brace for posture and pain management.

Take a little weight off

Your back, hips, knees and feet will thank you, and you’ll start to feel better after just 15 lbs! There are several weight loss programs that are extremely effective as long as you treat them like healthy lifestyle rather than healthy diet.

Treat yourself more often

Take advantage of massage therapy, chiropractic care (they can help with so much more than back and neck pain), professional skin care, and a positive attitude. You’ve lived a wonderful life and worked hard, and the reason they call these the golden years is because you get to sit back, relax, and revel in the fruits of your harvest.

Share your moments with someone special

Some of us are still in a successful marriage with our spouses of 40+ years, but some of us haven’t been so lucky. If you’re feeling down and lonely, get out there and meet someone! There are tons of seniors just like you, who are in need of support and companionship after losing a loved one or experiencing a painful divorce.

What better way to keep a positive outlook than to start a new romance with a modern engagement ring or vintage engagement ring for that special person in your life?

Only eat things with nutritional value

Our bodies are far too sensitive to fill our hunger with high-cholesterol foods heavy with saturated fat. Let’s all resolve to steer clear of fast food and Paula Deen-style recipes involving a stick of butter to help our heart and arteries do their jobs a little better.