A Few Things To Keep in Mind Before Considering a Senior Community

If you’re considering a senior living community for your parents or loved ones, you likely are a bit confused on what you should consider before you choose a specific facility. Here are some things that you may wish to consider before you choose which facility you’ll be putting your parents or loved ones in. Learn more at Garden Court assisted living community.


You’ll want to choose a facility that has a solid reputation and will ensure that your loved ones are being well cared for. Read reviews, pop in for a visit and see how they are treating others and ask those who reside there how they like it. If you’re hearing that you can’t visit unannounced, or that people aren’t being treated well or if you’re reading a lot of complaints, you may wish to move on to a different facility.

Reviews are very important and the more of them you read, the better. If you do see a bad review be sure to keep reading and see if you can tell if the issue was resolved or not. Often, a good company will leave up a bad review and add in a reply that they are sorry and that the issue has been resolved and the steps that were taken to resolve the issue. This is what you want to read. That way, you know that they take their business seriously and will take good care of your loved ones.


Again, pop in for a visit. Ask around, read reviews. If you’re popping in unannounced for a visit observe how things look each and every time you’re in for a visit. Peer around corners, into rooms, especially into common areas. Observation is the key here. If you’re not happy with how things look you probably want to keep looking for your family members.

You’ll also want to see if the residents are clean (bathed) and the employees. If residents or employees (or both) seem to be disheveled or unkempt, you’ll want to keep looking. You want your loved one to be in a location that is neat and clean and where the employees care about your loved one


different facilities are going to have a different cost overall. You’ll want to find one that is reasonably priced for the level of care that your loved one will be receiving. Do they charge extras for certain services? What is included in the base price? The answers to these questions will go far to help you to determine whether or not a particular senior living community is a good place for your loved ones.


What is the staff to patient ratio? What sorts of staffing are included in your facility? Is there a doctor or nurse on call at all times? What sort of housekeeping staff do they have? How about a chef or a dietary aide? All of these questions are vital to finding the right facility for your loved one.


Does your facility offer any entertainment or is it close to forms of entertainment? Do they have a shuttle service to a local mall or area that seniors can enjoy?

Answering these questions and more can help you to determine which facility will best suit your loved ones and their needs. Not all senior living communities are created equal so be sure to do your homework and find out answers to your most pressing questions.