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There are so many healthcare vendors, as well as professionals and healthcare consultants, for long term care (“LTC”) facilities, with services and products for LTC and services for higher acuity subabute patients to senior housing (“SH”). Many overlap from LTC to SH but many do not. Each Department within an LTC facility has its dedicated vendors and needs that arise that are specific for a timely solution by a vendor or an industry professional. There are literally thousands of vendors and providers, but until now, they have not been provided in one easy to use database, in addition to our separate and distinct Lender Database for senior management. This resource is sorted for all use of senior management and department heads on a facility level, with Table of Contents and support information on various services, such as software or incontinence, a valuable asset for your COO or smaller departments such as activities or social services.

With so many large priorities including staffing, compliance, reimbursement and liability issues, senior management is typically involved in only the primary vendor decisions such as pharmacy, therapy, or a dietary supplier. As former owners/operators of skilled care facilities, we insisted that all Managers and Department Heads review three to five vendors. Busy with day-to-day responsibilities, all too often the first vendor in the state association directory or on the Web site was selected, or maybe contacted during a call after a review of those piles of brochures at the corner of an Administrators desk. Many wonder if vendors that are the easiest to find because of high advertising costs provide you with the best value.

This database not only includes vendors in 50 plus categories, but sections with over 200 consultants, as well sections for accountants, appraisers, real estate brokers, insurance brokers, approximately 100 software vendors, educational resources including accreditation, recruitment sources and more categories. There are multiple group purchasing options listed, although your easy access with our databases allows you to expand competitive bidding and lessens that need. There are over 1,700 individual resources (expected to be over 2,500 in the near future), in addition to almost 250 lenders in a separate database including debt, mezzanine, equity and working capital sources. The database is available for $795 to $1,995 depending on how many facilities the company operates, as detailed in the Order Form, with quarterly updates available. As part of our initial offering of these databases, we are offering the first update and the Lender Database FREE.

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