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Our Company (I am its President) provides a myriad of services to healthcare providers. Most of our client’s primary source of revenues is Medicaid or Medicare, not private pay patients or residents. Logically, those that receive much higher revenue have little need for consulting. That is fine with me, as helping operators and providers that help those that need it the most provides great personal satisfaction…as does venting about those that don’t or finding ways to inform and rally others to reinvent and improve healthcare system, one component at a time.

February 29, 2008   Healthcare, a citizen’s right  They say it is not wise to speak of religion or politics in business, so I guess that means my wisdom is in question. I never understood how ultra conservatives were healthcare providers utilizing Medicaid and Medicare as a primary source of revenue yet didn’t believe in universal healthcare. How can a member of the religious right or any Christian forget the moment he exits his church on Sundays the principals of compassion or beliefs like “There before the grace of God go I?”

I may often fall to the left, but Michael Moore’s Sicko should resonate with all of us. Why should we rank near the last of all industrialized nations in providing care to all its citizens? Why is our great country’s health system driven by HMOs and Pharmaceutical giants? Why do you pay $8 for a single Tylenol at the hospital but buy a 100 at that price at CVS yet an inequitable reimbursement methodology for hospitals nationwide can result in so many urban and rural hospital closures, or a ten hour average ER wait for the uninsured at three LA hospitals? Tough questions, and eventually I’ll try to bold some proposed answers.

Let’s not forget we are a democracy, one founded to represent everyone. We must not let excess capitalization in the favor of the haves versus have nots blur democratic principals. How can we change the inequity? Speak up and vote out those that do not care about all of us, those that turn a blind eye to the great healthcare crisis that will eventually bankrupt Social Security.

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