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We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.

Supportive Services for the Frail Elderly

Senior Consulting, LLC’s (“SC”) can provide low cost services to Office on Aging offices, or to affordable senior housing owners. Our goal is to expand and maintain the ability of the frail elderly to remain independent within low-income housing sites including HUD buildings. In establishing our program, “housing” is defined as both low- income senior housing and naturally occurring retirement communities (“NORC”), or low-income housing developments that have a substantial portion of their residents that have aged in place and are now frail elderly. The PACE program is available in many communities to help the elderly with supportive services, with PACE agencies listed here. SC has completed a detailed analysis and reports on the needs if the elderly in this area, with a copy available by clicking here.

For senior housing operators, we can expand the roles of local agencies that serve the elderly including your County or Regional Office on Aging, area hospitals, charities and non profits. SC assesses all services and programs that are currently available for an Office on Aging or in an  operator’s building(s) and within the community and make recommendations to enhance or add to those programs, including these underutilized areas that are a focus and mission of SC:

  • Home Health Agencies (“HHA”) in onsite offices within low-income senior housing can provide direct services and ancillary support services. Access to home health aides are the major component of supportive services. Subsidized senior housing buildings often have limited access to a social worker that can assist in suggesting supportive services for the elderly, with current access often insufficient to meet their needs. An on-site HHA, selected in an FRP process, can assist in screenings and educational programs to bridge this gap.


  • Fall Prevention Programs – SC and its affiliates have conducted research to develop programs in fall prevention, a typical critical need that is the number one concern for so many elderly, with these programs usually the most utilized by residents that often avoid participation in community sponsored programs.


  • Expanded volunteerism of area youth (middle school through high school) benefit the frail elderly and communities that struggle with providing support for progressively frail residents.


  • Expand mentoring and tutoring for youth by senior citizens, and increase their self worth while they utilize a lifetime of knowledge to help kids…and have fun.
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