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We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.


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Home - This is the best place to start your tour of our website to get an overview of our services.  We complete Business Plans and provide various operational services for business of virtually all types, not just health care providers.  See our affiliated website for more information.

Business Plans/ServicesAs detailed in our second website, we complete business plans of all sizes for all type of businesses.  For health care providers, we have completed business plans and studies for the full spectrum of health care providers including acute hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, senior housing and many ancillary service providers.  We also provide support service and marketing for vendors and professionals in the industry.

Acute Care Consulting
– Post acute consulting to reduce LOS, market and feasibility studies, risk management and human resources services are our focus areas for acute care hospitals.

Primary Services for SNF Operators
Our company’s President has operated LTC facilities nationwide as an owner/operator.  Our services for SNFs are comprehensive including acquisitions, project coordination, compliance, census and payor mix development and more.

Services for Assisted Living Services
Improving census and development services are two focus areas for assisted living operators

Services for Senior Housing Operators
– Our affiliated company has played a lead role in the development of approximately fifteen senior housing and ALF properties, an area where we can assist growing organizations from identifying potential properties to coordinating the entire approval and development process.  We can also assist with marketing and other areas.

Support Services for the Frail Elderly
Senior housing, including NORC locations, need creative thinkers and programs so the elderly can stay in their homes as long as possible.

Services for LTC Facility LandlordsServices for landlords include all aspects of these companies from property maintenance to quality of care issues that could impact tenant licensing in an ever increasing and complex regulatory environment.


Unique Acquisitions ServiceOur access through our databasespositions us to obtain a high value for sellers through our proprietary and confidential RFP process in addition to our ongoing discussions with nationwide buyers and sellers.

Summary of Market & Feasibility ServicesUnderstanding your market is critical to improving census and developing new programs to improve your bottom line and serve your communities.


Census and Payer Mix Development and Implementation We can greatly enhance your hospital relationships as well as improve your reputation within the community to be commensurate with the quality of care.

Development and Construction Management Support Services
Time is money.  Our knowledge, team approach and organizational skills position us to expedite approvals of new projects and improve construction time lines.

Management and Insurance Related Services
Our relationships with a nationwide network of industry-focused brokers allows us to complete an RFP to save substantial cost from existing premiums.

Free Senior Consulting Reports
More reports to follow… take a look as you may learn something!

LTC and Senior Housing Databases of Multi-Facility Operators
Vendors, lenders and consultants in the industry have benefited from our one-of-a-kind databases.  Are you looking for a reasonable way to improve your business?

Long Term Care and Senior Housing Vendor, Consultant and
Professionals Database Operators encounter few opportunities to reduce expenses.  Access to 65 categories and over 2,000 sources that can be utilized on an RFP basis can result in substantial savings.

Lender DatabaseJust like LendingTree ( for residential lending and their slogan “When banks compete, you win”, the health care industry can benefit substantially utilizing our lender database of over 250 sources of debt, equity and lease back options, with or without our guidance.

Acute and Physician Databases are great tools. Doctors by State and Specialty!

Database Order FormsGo ahead…the sooner you order, the sooner you can save on expenses or improve revenue.

Preferred Vendors and Professionals
– These companies can save you money or build your business.

Now is the time to get in on the ground floor!

PAC Preschool/Senior Companion Program
– Take a look at information for this free program connecting the elderly and our youth.

Public Advocacy and Giving Back
We believe we all must have a social conscience, particularly health care providers within our industry.  We can drive positive change.

Consumers Need Clarity
With so many health care choices, including long term care, we offer a unique, expert opinion.

President’s Corner
A little background on Tim.

PayPal Orders and Deposits We get paid…you get great results!

Links of Interest
At least they interest us!

Tim’s Blog Healthcare Providers need a nudge, consumers can drive the bus and more.

Contact Us
Contact us; ask any questions or provide feedback on our site.  We are here to help, except we promise to offer NO help to those that spam us.

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