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We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.

Risk Management and Insurance Related Services

Senior Consulting, LLC provides Risk Management and Insurance related services. We utilize a network of regional and national Insurance brokers and consultants to establish the best “team” to serve your needs. As Risk Management consultants, we will provide an assessment of your current risks, as well as recommendations and conclusions to address areas of concern. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and solution options to allow you to balance coverage and risks. Some of related services are as follows:

  • Insurance Procurement and Bidding - Complete an RFP to insurers and brokers in our database to reduce costs, including all needed coverage. We will customize a RFP proposal to include a variety of options, including different deductible and limit considerations. We can continue to provide follow-up through issuance of policies.

  • Feasibility and Analysis of Alternate Coverage Options - For larger employers, alternate options should be considered including Risk Retention Groups, Captive Insurance Companies, Loss sensitive rating plans and Self-Insurance, among others.

  • Risk Management and Audits - Review Risk Management Policies and Procedures. Provide risk identification, evaluation and control services. Analysis includes, but is not limited to, safety and control programs, review of claims control procedures, analysis of claims experience, evaluation of personnel for these areas, review of claims reserves, and recommended improvements.

  • Loss Exposure - Identify and control loss exposures created by operations or services, for both existing and proposed services.

  • Compliance - Identify noncompliance with applicable Federal and State statutes and regulations, and provide recommendations to correct any potential shortcomings.

  • Assistance with Insurance Issues - Assist in responding to insurance loss control inspectors' concerns and recommendations.

  • Litigation Support - Provide support during litigation related to alleged losses, including liability and workers compensation.

  • Individual Risk Management - Provide analysis of risks for principals, directors and officers on an individual basis due to potential Company risks.

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