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We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.

                                President's Corner

Thanks for taking a tour of our Web site. Many sections will be updated and expanded in the near future to keep you informed of our services and products, but more so to provide operators and consumers with information and data to make decisions and choices that improve the quality of care for our frail elderly in America.

My inspiration comes from many people I have met in life, but none more so than my dear late mother, Leona Scofield Cassidy. She had a youthful exuberance during her full life that benefited so many around her, yet she demanded of all she met and knew that they to do the right thing. It is a delicate balance at times, but one I hope we all can achieve as we give back and live our busy day-to-day lives.

So while my children are my current leading inspiration, this Web site is dedicated to Mom, for as she always told us, "Without me, all of you wouldn't even be here...and don't you ever forget it!"

While published here and there professionally, I have written volumes personally, all non-fiction. Styles, topics and venues vary, but Mom is a major topic including the eventually to be edited "From Positive Influences to Dead Horses," a book centered on Mom or Nana Lee's influence on the family that is in need of ghostwriter to assist in publishing. A centerpiece of this loving literary effort is "Nana Lee, Memories from a Life of Giving," a long chapter of Mom's life in Mom's words told to me after we found out she was terminal, with other writings available for the asking, as are commentary or articles about family, travel, sports and more. Below are some pictures of Mom in her youth...and one of her favorite person (other than members of the family and even me once in a while), her Uncle George, and her favorite pet Penny (no, that is not Lassie).

Thanks for visiting.


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