Senior Consulting, LLC

We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.

                    Preferred Vendors and Professionals

Preferred Vendors and Professionals are included to follow based on either an additional level of due diligence and/or our experience as an operator with the Vendor or Professional that confirms an extra value in quality, service and value to operators of Long Term Care Facilities and Senior Housing. These resources will be expanded based on our ongoing research with vendors to confirm appropriate placement and reference on this page. Eventually, we will have all or most of the Vendor and Professional categories listed on our Vendor Database Table of Contents, but will never have more than three vendors in any one category, with the exception of regional vendors in several categories. For now, here is a partial list of preferred vendors (listed alphabetically by type of vendor/service) and some of the categories coming soon that will be growing on an ongoing basis.


* Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care - This Company offers consultant services, educational materials and supplies nationwide for Activity Departments, with a SNF focus on compliance. Activity Departments need additional support and resources, and this Company is a comprehensive resource.

Consultant (SNF Focus)

* Sage Healthcare of Indiana, LLC - They provide a wide range of services to skilled care facilities nationwide, with a focus on turnaround situations and financial consulting services.

Consultant (Independent Living Focus) – Coming Soon

Consultants (Full Continuum)

* Creative Action, LLC - This international firm based in Akron, OH provides strategic planning on operations and varied other services.


* Long Term Care Link – Resources and information for consumers is extensive, from education on senior issues to finding a senior housing location or long term care facility for a loved one.

Food Distributors

* U. S. Food Service- This Company is truly one a handful of national food services suppliers, and with its purchasing power, you get great value. Its network of nationwide representatives also offers great service and product selection to make your Dietary Director smile.

Group Purchasing Services – Coming Soon

Insurance - Coming Soon

Lenders (Debt only) - Coming Soon

Lenders (Debt and Equity) - Coming Soon

Lenders (Equity) - Coming Soon

Lenders (HUD) - Coming Soon

Medical Supplies

* Gulf South – One of the largest nationwide Medical Supply companies, Gulf South stands out to us based on personal service and value added pricing.

Software (Assisted Living Focus) – Coming Soon

Software (Full Continuum)

* Comply Assistant - This Company offers software with a risk management focus, with HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley two areas where they offer great software packages and value that be easily integrated into existing software programs. 

* – This software provider is truly unique in offering fully integrated software, great service and pricing, reasons it has grown to become one of the four largest software providers to skilled care facilities. The company also addresses software needs for Assisted Living and Senior Housing Providers.



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