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We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.

Physician Databases


Senior Consulting, LLC has physician databases in easy-to-use Excel format for all individual states or nationally by 33 specialties. There are over 600,000 doctors nationwide, but we can custom sort for a limited cost. The doctors by specialty databases, listed here, can be sorted by state or county, so they are great marketing tools!


Data includes background, hospital affiliation, nature of practice or if in research and contact information that varies to some degree. There are a limited number of E-mail addresses, although limited benefits in this approach. Approximately 50% of the databases have street addresses and fax numbers and these vary by state and by specialty, as per these two examples, with a sample available for viewing as well:


California: Street Address - 54.7%, Fax - 42.2%, 64,859 total


New Jersey: Street Address - 46.6%, Fax - 54.3%, 27,442 total


These databases present a great opportunity for vendors, consultants and businesses that work closely with physicians either in mailing or considering appropriate fax programs, areas in which we can provide ancillary support that includes drafting marketing materials and conducting marketing efforts on client’s behalf.  Please request more details on these services.


Databases are available for purchase as per the price list by specialty, and by State at $145 each except CA, NJ, FL. PA and TX at $295. When we provide marketing services, there is no additional cost for using our databases.


Ask for more information.



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