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We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.

PayPal Orders & Deposits

We gladly accept checks for database orders and consulting fee payments via good old fashioned snail mail to our office or via bank wire transfer. For Paypal payments, go to and proceed as follows:

* Enter your E-mail address and password.

* Click on "Send Money" tab.

* Enter in "To:" Box.

* Enter your E-mail Address in "From:" Box.

* Enter amount.

* Click on Service/Other.

* Click on Continue.

* Review your payment details and confirm the transaction until done. 

Orders as contained on our Database Order Form page as listed in Sections A and B to follow can be paid via PayPal links after you forward your Order Form via E-mail or Facsimile (631-498-0026) and you receive an E-Mail confirmation from us that it is acceptable. For State SNF Databases in Section C, select a State or States on the Order Form and then proceed with payment. For other payments, including but not limited to Consulting Fees and Retainers, use Paypal or forward payments in accordance with our agreements.

We regularly offer discounts based on volume purchases on our databases, which would require a custom Order Form we would forward to your Company. Databases are delivered as an Excel attachment after payment is received. If you request a combination of databases or a custom developed database (Chains doing business in CA only as example) and wish to expedite processing your order utilizing this page, contact us for special arrangements.

A)    Chain Databases

  • SNF National Chain Database ($1,050)

  • ALF National Chain Database ($725)

  • IL National Chain Database ($1,325)

Special Offer Only through March 31, 2008: The Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living and Senior Housing databases are available at a discount of Fifteen Percent for each or Twenty Five Percent if all three are purchased, and a similar discount on our State Databases.

B) Vendor and Lender Databases

  • Vendor and Professional Database (operator of 1 facility) ($795)

  • Vendor and Professional Database (operator of 2 facilities) ($995)

  • Vendor and Professional Database (operator of 3 facilities) ($1,195)

  • Vendor and Professional Database (operator of 4 facilities) ($1,495)

  • Vendor and Professional Database (operator of 5 or more facilities) ($1,995)

  • Lender Database  ($395)

      C. State SNF Databases

All State Databases are delivered in Excel except those priced at $150 or $195, which are delivered in PDF, Word or non-sortable Excel.

  • State SNF Database (CA, NY)  $495

  • State SNF Database (PA, FL) $395

  • State SNF Database (KY, LA, MD, MN, MO, NJ, TN, WA, and WI) ($295)

  • State SNF Database (OR, WV) ($250)

  • State SNF Database (GA, OH) ($195)

  • State SNF Database (AZ, CO, CT, DE, MI, NC, NH, SC, TX, VA and VT) ($150)

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