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   LTC and Senior Housing Databases of Multi-Facility Operators

After extensive research, we offer databaes with 627 chains of five of more facilities, include primarily SNF operators (298 and $1,050), ALF (95 and $725) and various types of Independent Living (234 and $1,250). Through April 30, 2009, they are available for 15% off or 25% if all three are purchased!

Each chain is in only one Database based on what type of facilities they primarily operate with notes as to the number of each type of facility in most cases. The IL database includes at least 50% of the operators that also operate SNF and AL, with an estimated 2,000 standalone Skilled Nursing Facilities within the communities and over 2,500 Assisted Living Facilities not included in those Databases.  The ALF Database has an estimated 800-1,000 IL and 500 SNF. The SNF database has an estimated 1,000 ALF and 700-800 IL.

Our research efforts are unparalleled, and include review of other databases such as the LTC 100. Companies were called to confirm or obtain facsimile numbers. Information available in the Databases for 627 confirmed operators of five or more SNF, ALF or IL facilities is as follows:


  • Complete Mailing Address, Phone Number and Facsimile Number are included for 98% or more of the chains.  
  • Number of Facilities and type are included for over 95% of the chains.  
  • Primary Contact, the CEO and/or President, is included over 98% of the time, and COO and CFO are included over 70% of the time, and we often have four to five senior management contacts including VP of Development or Clinical Services.  
  • Web site is included for 90% of the chains, e-mail addresses for many.

State Databases

We continue to expand our SNF Databases by State (Sample Summary of States, Data and Pricing available upon request). Data varies, but we have one distinct advantage over other databases…our ability to cross reference chains and group facilities by a) Chain and b) sole proprietor or one to four facilities, as well as by nonprofit status, and number of beds. Why should you market your products or services to facilities if they are chain owned versus market to their Corporate Offices or vice versa?  As an example, in California instead of marketing to 1,143 SNFs and wasting time/money, we would suggest marketing to only 247, which represents SNFs with 99 or more beds that are not owned by chains.

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