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                    Public Advocacy and Giving Back

In today’s busy day-to-day existence, even health care professionals and providers can often forget to slow down and smell the roses, to balance work, family and friends…and still give back. For those in need, including the low-income frail elderly, we must remember, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

There are so many ways to give back within that busy schedule. You can volunteer for a frail senior needing comfort or guidance to maintain their independence. You can lobby for seniors online while you multitask at home, supporting legislation to help seniors and therefore someday you and yours, such as increased long term care reimbursement. Of course, you can give back supporting causes that focus on healthcare philanthrophy.

Bringing kids and seniors together is mutually beneficial on all levels. Examples in low-income senior housing are contained in the report Supportive Services. There is a substantial shortfall in low-income housing options for the elderly and great room for improvement in quality long term care options for the poor and low-income elderly, particularly beyond skilled nursing facilities. Tim Cassidy, Senior Consultant’s President has written many articles on these topics aimed at public advocacy, with selected published articles below:

We encourage all to help our elderly. As the Circle of Care suggests, we will be helping ourselves at the same time as well as gaining great personal satisfaction and setting lasting examples for our children to follow for a better future. For assistance or guidance on the best ways for you to give back, ask Tim at


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