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We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.


                         Free Senior Consulting Reports

Click on items below for these important reports. See Links Page for other valuable information and feel free to request additional information mentioned in these reports or otherwise.


Senior Housing and Long Term Care-Shortfalls for Low-Income Americans- A Report aimed at public advocacy for better care and housing options for low income seniors


*Foundations Support for the Elderly- Summary report of research in 150 of largest foundations.




*Medicare Transfer DRG's--Improving Post Acute Discharges- Complete 100 plus page report on Medicare Discharge patterns (by diagnosis) of Acute Hospitals


*Medicare Transfer DRGs- Three Page Summary of above Report


Long Term Care


*SNF Occupancy and Payor Mix Report- An analysis of payor mix by region and type of operator in the State of California, indicating improvements are available in most markets nationally.

Senior Housing

* Report on Supportive Services- An analysis of keeping the frail elderly in their homes in low income senior housing sites and NORC

Database Samples

* Skilled Care Facilities -Sample Database

* Assisted Living Facilities -Sample Database

* Independent Living -Sample Database

*SNF, ALF and IL Chain Location(Home Office) by State and Rank

* Vendors and Consultants -Sample Databases

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