Senior Consulting, LLC

We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.


Development and Construction Management Support Services


Services briefly defined to follow can be provided "ala carte" or collectively.


Site Identification


Initial research would include selected regions that you identify or we assist in doing so. Areas would be targeted including highly desirable areas where zoning would have to be addressed to those with different types of independent living and senior housing that have favorable zoning and potential sites for development. Thereafter, we would visit zoning and planning officers of the towns. They not only can point to areas of existing zoning, assist in defining density, and other development considerations, but often identify sites that may be available that have been considered for seniors in the past or may suit existing zoning. Commercial Realtors and owners would be approached with a custom letter of interest thereafter in the identified areas, subject to your expressed interest. After research, we would present you with suggested properties for potential negotiation.


Site Approvals and Design Management


Getting local and state approvals for your site or major additions can be a daunting task, with delays often the case as communication gaps arise and timelines get moved and moved again. Every delay costs operators money and benefits in offering new services or in new facilities becoming operational.


As members of the design team, we develop a timeline for all the professionals on the team, establish and monitor responsibilities of team members, and secure needed input from state and local officials. We keep things on track to save you time and money!


Request for Proposals ("RFP") for Contractors and Architects


Using our database of major contractors and architects experienced in healthcare construction and design in every state, we develop a list to RFP. We expand that list for your project based on professionals you suggest and from State and Regional research to find qualified professionals that best suit your project. 


We prepare an RFP package with you to best meet your expectations in quality, cost containment, timing and the expectations of your construction lender. We coordinate the process of analyzing the proposals and make recommendations for your consideration.


Construction Management Support


Communication between various engineers, architects and your contractor can sometimes slow your construction, where one month can cost $100,000 in interest charges on a $12,000,000 project alone. The Project Architect or Contractor are often the only professional in charge of the construction process, but often conflicts with many of the engineering disciplines or between the Architect and Contractor can lead to delays before the owner often has to resolve an issue and construction slows.

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