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We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.

                            Consumers Need Clarity

Do you need support in your home to care for a loved one? Maybe you need to find the best options in senior housing, assisted living or a nursing home? There are so many choices, but which is the best one...or combination of choices?

For the middle class with a nest egg and assets, you have to sort through a myriad of choices in independent living, senior housing, retirement communities or a CCRC when you don't need that big home, desire to maintain a smaller home or want occasional caregiver access close by. As someone who has operated and consulted to owners of long term care and senior housing options, I sometimes wonder why the industry has created so many options, if it not to confuse the consumer? More likely, it is because the consumer that has assets wants options and the industry has responded. Definitions of the Senior Housing are included here, and we are expanding these consumer links to find senior housing options in your community.

We also offer a personal consultation on these choices in your community with a scheduled 30 minute phone interview and follow-up recommendations of housing and care options close to you for only $250.

For lower income or the poor, your choices are often not as limited as you may think, as there is help out there in many forms, from your local church-supported organization, to your local Office on Aging, or through expanded supportive services at a local housing building or in your home or close by with a PACE program.

Artciles of interest are here.

Please let us know your concerns and needs.



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