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   Census and Payer Mix Development and Implementation

These services, as well as custom developed services and programs aimed at building census and payer mix through a variety of directives, are available to both single facility owner/operators and owners for multiple facilities. The sequential steps of a typical engagement of Senior Consulting for Census and Payer Mix Development is as follows for Skilled Nursing Facilities, and varies for Assisted Living and Senior Housing:

  • Meeting at Facility or senior Management’s office with appropriate executive level members of Ownership or Management to establish goals, objectives, focus, responsible parties and scheduling to complete the engagement.
  • Obtain at initial meeting, or shortly thereafter, Management and facility level job descriptions for Admissions and Marketing personnel, including case managers, roles and responsibilities, if any, for Administrators, Therapy Director or staff, DON, Social Services and Activities Director.
  • Review management and/or facility level admissions and marketing tools, including admissions packages, promotional materials, and any documents, relative protocols and policies.
  • Visit one to five facilities within three weeks of review of materials, which will include a walk through, an initial meeting with the Administrator, a meeting with the Admissions Director, Marketing Director (if any), and brief meetings with the DON, Social Services and Activities Director. Individual meetings are preferred, although a group meeting can be considered.
  • Conduct site visits of area competitors, which will be based, in part, on the advice of staff members as to the facilities that they feel are primary competitors.
  • Within 2-3 weeks of the site visit, the Consultant will issue the Report to ownership/senior management that will include an analysis of the market and competitors, an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the Department Heads involved in Admissions and Marketing, a review of the physical plant relative to those of the competition, forms, templates and marketing materials, an outline of a suggested facility-specific marketing plan that could include efforts to improve hospital relationships, community outreach programs, and recommendations for implementing potential improvements.
  • Within 2-3 weeks after issuing the Report, the Consultant will meet with Management to review the Report, discuss Management’s comments and questions, and assess the potential role of the Consultant in assisting staff in implementing Management approved recommendations.

Implementation and Marketing Services-The Consultant can take an ongoing role in census development as a second phase of engagement, at the option of Management. Depending on the results of the Market Analysis, the majority of the Consultant's Fee for the second phase of the engagement can be structured as an ongoing bonus tried to improved census and mix.

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