Senior Consulting, LLC

We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.

                         Business Plans and Services

Our team includes a CEO that has operated businesses with hundreds of employees in many states, an attorney that has been on our staff for fourteen years, and a nationwide network of on call legal, writers, editors, financial and marketing specialists. We have worked for a diversity of Companies, both For Profit (Public and Private) and Nonprofit throughout North America. Ask us for samples and testimonials on our work.

We offer existing companies services ranging from HR support in compliance with regulations like HIPAA or interim placement, collection of past due receivables, conduct RFPs for vendors or insurance and organizational assessments aimed at cost savings and finding new business opportunities.

Expanding successful businesses and startups alike, no matter their experience, education or small or large expectations in goals and mission, continually fall in major “traps” that need to be avoided.  We will guide you to avoid these traps and more, and, therefore, limit the time and money it costs you to accomplish your goals. We have an extensive database of lenders, investors, foundations and other funding options for start-ups and expanding successful companies alike.

We do not just write or edit your Business Plan, but we also provide you with ongoing business, financial, structural and organizational advice along the way to best tell your story to lenders, investors,
grant sources or your clients, whatever the case may be. That story almost always (some of us have rich relatives and benefactors) needs to include a Market Analysis, Forecasts, a Sources and Uses of Funds Schedule and Exhibits that support key assumptions about your market such as competitors in your service area or provide background on your industry, as two examples.

Forecasts or Projections are the steak to the Business Plan’s sizzle (and the basic and not so basic facts), and needed for Grant applications.  Business Plans often fail in their objective to raise capital because their Forecasts are viewed as insufficient, incomplete, unprofessional and/or lacking in detailed notes and supporting information for assumptions of revenue and expenses. 

We have written Business Plans for companies including hospitals, senior housing, healthcare and social service providers, entertainment, green services and technologies, software, IT, new and evolving technologies, retail, wholesale, construction, Web-based businesses, manufacturers of laundry cleansers and candles…just to name a few. There is no type of Business Plan we cannot handle on a professional and expedited basis, as we will ask the hard (and easy) questions that an investor or lender will ask, as an expert and as someone who does not know your business as you do.

We know true expert consulting can be expensive, but we try not to reinvent the wheel, and we will become part of your team writing/editing together to limit our time and your costs.  Depending on the needs of your company as either a startup or existing business of substance, we provide four (4) payment options for our services. We can do your Business Plan from scratch or write with you to save costs. The old saying that “you get what you pay” for is usually true, but our business keeps growing because we reinvent “value added” in the often immeasurable value we provide to our clients.

Our services can be “soup to nuts” where we author your Business Plan based on information and interviews, or we may take on only one task, like the Projections or Market Analysis.  Our fees are flexible, aimed at saving time and money.  For more information, contact us for a FREE consultation on your Business Plan.


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