Senior Consulting, LLC

We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.

                   Services for Assisted Living Operators

* Business Development – Smaller companies of 5-10 facilities often cannot afford the resources for a full-time Director of Business Development, or the support for this position if they have such a senior manager, while larger organizations often need interim support to accomplish goals of expanding operations. With experience in development ranging from identification and coordination of all efforts in a “turn key” approach, the owner of Senior Consulting brings unique insights and value in business development to meet the goals of operators. Understanding capital constraints, we can provide guidance on financing or partnering options and do so for substantially deferred fees tied to project success. 

* Acquisitions – We are experienced in the identification, negotiation and coordination of all due diligence leading to a closing. There are various methods utilized to research and identify the prospective sellers, and we offer exclusivity in regions and states to operators.

* Due Diligence and Project Coordination - Includes services for Owners, Operators and Third Parties including financial, compliance and operational analysis, which can include preparation of financial forecasts. We have in-depth experience in coordinating accountants, appraisers, attorneys and design teams to close transactions, including working with operators, landlords and HUD-insured financing, as well as experience as the Owner’s Representative or Construction Manager for new construction and rehabilitation projects, saving time and money. 

*  Marketing and Census Development –For properties with census issues, we complete a market analysis and then develop marketing plans that involve staff, management and third parties on a limited basis and help implement that plan if needed. We have dozens of programs with public relations and community benefits that are limited or no cost alternatives to costly advertising. For ALFs with residents having lower ADLs and Senior Housing, we expand relationships with SNFs and other providers to maintain targeted ADLs and resident mix.

*  Risk Management and Insurance RFP – We provide clients with the tools and solution options to allow the client to balance coverage and risks in concert with their existing Broker. Existing insurance policies, loss runs, selected policies and procedures and related information are reviewed to analyze potential risks for liability insurance and workers compensation, as well as other lines of coverage. After completing the risk management assessment, a Request For Proposal can be prepared for two to three insurance brokers and seven to eight carriers to obtain the best coverage and save substantial costs for the health care facilities.

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