Senior Consulting, LLC

We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.


Ask us about a mutual exchange of our Web sites and links for the betterment of each of us!!!

We are offering the following initial opportunities for advertising or sponsorship on our Web site:

Look for our continued expansion of this site, and with our continued traffic, you will get added exposure. Therefore, prices listed below are subject to change without notice. Ask us for information on advertising.

* Your Banner replacing picture on top of Home Page - $1,495  for one year

* Your Banner replacing picture on top of all pages that are linked through "Buttons" - $995 for one year

In the near future, we will be expanding several sections, including "Links of Interest" which will be expanded into several subsections, with the banner on the "Links of Interest" Page to then be a banner to the Table of Contents for various subsections of types of links such as "Caregiver Training and Education" or "Consumer Sites including finding a facility or senior housing." Each of those subsections will have a banner available for $795.

Our Vendor and Consultant Database will also be modified and expanded to feature particular vendors in different subsections, such as "Software Vendors."


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