Senior Consulting, LLC

We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.

Acute Care Consulting Services

 Senior Consulting, LLC provides a myriad of services to for hospitals, including the following:

  • Post Acute Services – We help improve Post Acute Discharges, including reducing LOS for certain Medicare Transfer Discharges, including internal financial analysis, interviews and optional negotiations with Long Term Care providers in the service areas to assure bed availability, increased discharges of higher acuity patients and promote hospital ancillary services. See related summary of this Report.

  • Provide marketing, feasibility and financial assessment for consideration of a Distinct Part SNF in California and transitional care units in other States, including hospital based units aimed at reducing the LOS or a Long Term Care model to improve contribution margins in California and other states, typically in a location near the primary acute campus.

  • Risk Management – Review Risk Management Policies, Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance Policies and claims, and providing a report with recommendations and/or complete an RFP to insurers in our database to reduce costs.

  • Human Resources Services - Senior Consulting, as an exclusive LTC representative of ProMana Technologies, Inc., which has developed a web-based solution for managing the entire spectrum of Human Resources administration.  This includes employee enrollment, health benefits, retirement plans, payroll and regulatory compliance, resulting in improved communication, new efficiencies, less staffing and reduced operating costs for small to mid sized employers.

  • Market and Feasibility Analysis – Complete analysis for proposed and existing programs and services, including market studies, financial forecasts and reports targeted to your needs.

  •  Coordination of Design and Development – Coordination of all professionals in physical plan design for new services and the realte approval process for State and local agencies.

  • Due Diligence – Includes services for hospitals related to financing, satisfy loan or bond covenants, support appraisals and other professional reports or in consideration of a merger or liquidation.

Ask us about our lender or underwriter RFP, including follow up through obtaining new debt, bond financing,   A/R lines, sale/leaseback options and/or coordinate accountants, appraisers, attorneys and professionals in these endeavors.

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