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We provide solutions for acute hospitals, long term care facilities and senior housing.

                         Unique Acquisitions Services

With our proprietary databases with 627 operators of five or more facilities/properties, 298 operators of all or primarily SNF, 95 primarily ALF, and 234 that are primarily Independent Living,we have unique data for the acquisition of small chains. In addition, we have also developed a program to acquire “Mom and Pop” owned facilities for skilled care facilities as defined further to follow, which typically offer the greatest value. Assuming exclusivity in a region or states, our goal is to have three Consulting/Finder’s Fees agreements with small to midsized companies committed to growth. In a four-month to one-year agreement depending on the State/region, we will target markets you select, with fees as low as $5,000 per month plus expenses applied against a percentage based finder’s fee. Portions from our Acquisitions Consulting Agreement are below:

“Initially, the Company and the Consultant shall assess the priorities as to States and regions or counties within those States that the Company desires to acquire Skilled Nursing Facilities. Upon execution of this Agreement, the Consultant shall prepare a list of facilities by County within State(s) by priority of regions as determined by the Company, for review and Company approval for site visits and contact by the Consultant. The Consultant shall develop a customized approach to the owners of the Facilities on behalf of and for approval by the Company, and conduct research as to said owners. Thereafter, the a representative of the Company visit and approach facilities that are not owned by Chains or are nonprofit on behalf of the Company, with a minimum of Thirty Facilities per month. The Consultant shall visit and deliver a personal and confidential letter of interest with summary background on the Company and its affiliates to each remaining Facility to the Owner, to be delivered to the Administrator, assuming the owner is not on site, with follow-up with the Owner thereafter by the Consultant including letters, facsimiles and calls. The Consultant shall provide a monthly summary of site visits and follow up thereafter for the prior month by the 15th of the following month, which shall include a brief synopsis of the physical plant condition, general market, and ownership considerations of a potential acquisition of each Facility in an Excel format. The Company, with the Consultant available to assist as directed by the Company, shall conduct negotiations with interested parties.

In addition, at the option of the Company, the Consultant shall utilize its proprietary databases of chains of skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility operators and independent living operators, the latter two with many operators that also operator skilled nursing facilities, to customize separate approaches to Chains that may be of interest to the Company. The Consultant shall approach, assess, and negotiate the acquisition of Facilities that may be available from the Chains under parameters established by mutual agreement of the Company and the Consultant.”

We have many other resources to help you expand your operations, including our lender and landlord databases, including debt/equity and over twenty sale leaseback options. We can RFP re-financing, sale/lease back, acquisitions and dispositions, with all respondents executing confidentiality agreements in advance.

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